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Golden Coach Express

Golden Coach Express is conveniently located in Key Point, which is within 5 minutes walking distance to Nicoll Highway MRT Station (MRT Circle Line). Food Court (Banquet), 7-Eleven store and also Banks are available in the same building as well.

Golden Coach Express provides long distance express bus service from Singapore to Malaysia. They cover some of the most popular route including Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Seremban and Ipoh. Besides those popular route, they are also the only express bus operator that offer express bus service from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and Malaysia Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT).

Besides, they are also the agent of S&S International Express and Star Coach Express that provide coach services to Malacca, Johor..

S&S International Express is a famous express bus company in Malaysia. The company is operating in almost all the cities in the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. As part of the company expansion plan, S&S International Express has appointed Golden Coach Express & Tour Pte Ltd to be the company sole agent in Singapore. The company is venturing into the highly competitive Singapore to Malacca market.

Currently the company is operating 3 daily departure for buses from Singapore to Malacca (and return coming soon). The coach will depart from Key Point, which is within 5 minutes walking distance to Nicoll Highway MRT Station (MRT Circle Line) and provide non-stop direct trip to Melaka Sentral via Tuas Second Link. S&S International Express is currently operating the Super VIP 29 seater bus for the Singapore to Malacca bus service.

Star Coach Express is an emerging express bus company in the competitive industry. Star Coach is also an affiliate company of Star Shuttle which operates scheduled services between Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and KLIA/LCCT. Star Coach aims to provide a smooth, comfortable, quiet, and relaxing ambient throughout the whole journey at competitive price for the passengers. Most important is that Star Coach ultimate goal is to ensure a SAFE journey for the passengers.

Star Coach has introduced the bus services from Kuala Kangsar, Sungai Siput, Chemor and Ipoh to KL and Johor Bahru, and from Lumut, Sitiawan, Kampong Koh and Teluk Intan to Kl and Johor Bahru.

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Golden Coach Singapore Office:
371 Beach Road #01-25,
Key Point, Singapore 199597.
Tel: 6392 3623 Fax: 6296 1081

Latest updated Coach Schedules of Golden Coach Express

FromFrom Sub PlaceToTo Sub PlaceDeparture TimeCoach TypeCurrencyPrice/ticket
JohorTun AminahKLIA/LCCTKLIA12:00 AM30SVIP10SGD33.00
JohorTun AminahKLIA/LCCTLCCT12:00 AM30SVIP10SGD33.00
JohorTun AminahKLIA/LCCTKLIA07:00 AM30SVIP10SGD33.00
JohorTun AminahKLIA/LCCTLCCT07:00 AM30SVIP10SGD33.00
JohorTun AminahKLIA/LCCTKLIA09:00 AM30SVIP10SGD33.00
JohorTun AminahKLIA/LCCTLCCT09:00 AM30SVIP10SGD33.00
JohorTun AminahKLIA/LCCTKLIA11:00 AM30SVIP10SGD33.00
JohorTun AminahKLIA/LCCTLCCT11:00 AM30SVIP10SGD33.00
JohorTun AminahKLIA/LCCTKLIA03:00 PM30SVIP10SGD33.00
JohorTun AminahKLIA/LCCTLCCT03:00 PM30SVIP10SGD33.00
JohorTun AminahKLIA/LCCTKLIA09:30 PM30SVIP10SGD33.00
JohorTun AminahKLIA/LCCTLCCT09:30 PM30SVIP10SGD33.00
KLIA/LCCTLCCTJohorTun Aminah12:00 AM30SVIP10SGD33.00
KLIA/LCCTKLIAJohorTun Aminah02:40 AM30SVIP10SGD33.00
KLIA/LCCTLCCTJohorTun Aminah03:00 AM30SVIP10SGD33.00
KLIA/LCCTKLIAJohorTun Aminah08:40 AM30SVIP10SGD33.00
KLIA/LCCTLCCTJohorTun Aminah09:00 AM30SVIP10SGD33.00
KLIA/LCCTKLIAJohorTun Aminah02:10 PM30SVIP10SGD33.00
KLIA/LCCTLCCTJohorTun Aminah02:30 PM30SVIP10SGD33.00
KLIA/LCCTKLIAJohorTun Aminah04:10 PM30SVIP10SGD33.00
KLIA/LCCTLCCTJohorTun Aminah04:30 PM30SVIP10SGD33.00
KLIA/LCCTKLIAJohorTun Aminah06:10 PM30SVIP10SGD33.00
KLIA/LCCTLCCTJohorTun Aminah06:30 PM30SVIP10SGD33.00
KLIA/LCCTKLIAJohorTun Aminah08:10 PM30SVIP10SGD33.00
KLIA/LCCTLCCTJohorTun Aminah08:30 PM30SVIP10SGD33.00
KLIA/LCCTKLIAJohorTun Aminah11:40 PM30SVIP10SGD33.00
MalaccaAlor GajahSingaporeKey Point04:15 PM27SVIP9 (Port Dickson)SGD28.00
Negeri SembilanAvillion Admiral Cove 5th Mile, Port DicksonSingaporeKey Point03:00 PM27SVIP9 (Port Dickson)SGD35.00
Negeri SembilanAvillion Port Dickson 3rd MileSingaporeKey Point03:00 PM27SVIP9 (Port Dickson)SGD35.00
Negeri SembilanLukutSingaporeKey Point03:00 PM27SVIP9 (Port Dickson)SGD35.00
SingaporeCity Plaza SingaporeKLIA/LCCTKLIA08:30 AM26SVIP8SGD38.00
SingaporeCity Plaza SingaporeKLIA/LCCTLCCT08:30 AM26SVIP8SGD38.00
SingaporeKey PointKLIA/LCCTKLIA09:00 AM26SVIP8SGD38.00
SingaporeKey PointKLIA/LCCTLCCT09:00 AM26SVIP8SGD38.00
SingaporeCity Plaza SingaporeKLIA/LCCTKLIA12:45 PM26SVIP8SGD38.00
SingaporeCity Plaza SingaporeKLIA/LCCTLCCT12:45 PM26SVIP8SGD38.00
SingaporeKey PointKLIA/LCCTKLIA01:15 PM26SVIP8SGD38.00
SingaporeKey PointKLIA/LCCTLCCT01:15 PM26SVIP8SGD38.00
SingaporeKey PointKLIA/LCCTKLIA11:59 PM26SVIP (2359)SGD38.00
SingaporeKey PointKLIA/LCCTLCCT11:59 PM26SVIP (2359)SGD38.00
SingaporeCity Plaza SingaporeKuala LumpurBerjaya Times Square08:30 AM26SVIP8SGD23.00
SingaporeCity Plaza SingaporeKuala LumpurPudu Sentral (Puduraya)08:30 AM26SVIP8SGD23.00
SingaporeKey PointKuala LumpurBerjaya Times Square09:00 AM26SVIP8SGD23.00
SingaporeKey PointKuala LumpurPudu Sentral (Puduraya)09:00 AM26SVIP8SGD23.00
SingaporeCity Plaza SingaporeKuala LumpurBerjaya Times Square12:45 PM26SVIP8SGD23.00
SingaporeCity Plaza SingaporeKuala LumpurPudu Sentral (Puduraya)12:45 PM26SVIP8SGD23.00
SingaporeKey PointKuala LumpurBerjaya Times Square01:15 PM26SVIP8SGD23.00
SingaporeKey PointKuala LumpurPudu Sentral (Puduraya)01:15 PM26SVIP8SGD23.00
SingaporeCity Plaza SingaporeKuala LumpurBerjaya Times Square07:00 PM26SVIP8SGD23.00
SingaporeCity Plaza SingaporeKuala LumpurPudu Sentral (Puduraya)07:00 PM26SVIP8SGD23.00
SingaporeKey PointKuala LumpurBerjaya Times Square07:30 PM26SVIP8SGD23.00
SingaporeKey PointKuala LumpurPudu Sentral (Puduraya)07:30 PM26SVIP8SGD23.00
SingaporeKey PointKuala LumpurBerjaya Times Square11:59 PM26SVIP (2359)SGD25.00
SingaporeKey PointKuala LumpurPudu Sentral (Puduraya)11:59 PM26SVIP (2359)SGD25.00
SingaporeCity Plaza SingaporeMalaccaMelaka Sentral / Bus Station08:30 AM30SVIP9SGD21.00
SingaporeKey PointMalaccaAlor Gajah08:30 AM27SVIP9 (Port Dickson)SGD28.00
SingaporeKey PointMalaccaMelaka Sentral / Bus Station08:45 AM30SVIP9SGD21.00
SingaporeCity Plaza SingaporeMalaccaMelaka Sentral / Bus Station01:00 PM30SVIP9SGD21.00
SingaporeKey PointMalaccaMelaka Sentral / Bus Station01:30 PM30SVIP9SGD21.00
SingaporeCity Plaza SingaporeMalaccaMelaka Sentral / Bus Station06:45 PM30SVIP9SGD25.00
SingaporeKey PointMalaccaMelaka Sentral / Bus Station07:15 PM30SVIP9SGD25.00
SingaporeKey PointNegeri SembilanAvillion Admiral Cove 5th Mile, Port Dickson08:30 AM27SVIP9 (Port Dickson)SGD35.00
SingaporeKey PointNegeri SembilanAvillion Port Dickson 3rd Mile08:30 AM27SVIP9 (Port Dickson)SGD35.00
SingaporeKey PointNegeri SembilanLukut08:30 AM27SVIP9 (Port Dickson)SGD35.00
SingaporeKey PointNegeri SembilanSeremban08:30 AM27SVIP9 (Port Dickson)SGD28.00
SingaporeCity Plaza SingaporeNegeri SembilanSeremban12:45 PM26SVIP8SGD23.00
SingaporeKey PointNegeri SembilanSeremban01:15 PM26SVIP8SGD23.00
SingaporeCity Plaza SingaporeNegeri SembilanSeremban07:00 PM26SVIP8SGD23.00
SingaporeKey PointNegeri SembilanSeremban07:30 PM26SVIP8SGD23.00
SingaporeCity Plaza SingaporePerakGopeng08:30 AM26SVIP8SGD33.00
SingaporeCity Plaza SingaporePerakIpoh08:30 AM26SVIP8SGD33.00
SingaporeCity Plaza SingaporePerakSungai Siput08:30 AM26SVIP8SGD33.00
SingaporeKey PointPerakGopeng09:00 AM26SVIP8SGD33.00
SingaporeKey PointPerakIpoh09:00 AM26SVIP8SGD33.00
SingaporeKey PointPerakSungai Siput09:00 AM26SVIP8SGD33.00
SingaporeKey PointPerakBidor11:59 PM26SVIP (2359)SGD38.00
SingaporeKey PointPerakChemor11:59 PM26SVIP (2359)SGD38.00
SingaporeKey PointPerakGopeng11:59 PM26SVIP (2359)SGD38.00
SingaporeKey PointPerakIpoh11:59 PM26SVIP (2359)SGD38.00
SingaporeKey PointPerakKampar11:59 PM26SVIP (2359)SGD38.00
SingaporeKey PointPerakKampong Koh11:59 PM26SVIP (2359)SGD38.00
SingaporeKey PointPerakLumut11:59 PM26SVIP (2359)SGD38.00
SingaporeKey PointPerakSitiawan11:59 PM26SVIP (2359)SGD38.00
SingaporeKey PointPerakSri Manjung11:59 PM26SVIP (2359)SGD38.00
SingaporeKey PointPerakSungai Siput11:59 PM26SVIP (2359)SGD38.00
SingaporeKey PointPerakTapah11:59 PM26SVIP (2359)SGD38.00
SingaporeKey PointPerakTeluk Intan11:59 PM26SVIP (2359)SGD38.00